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Edxport Trade PVT. LTD is a trusted Exporter and Supplier

Established in 2022, Edxport Trade PVT LTD strives to develop new businesss opportunities and retian our corporate vision of openness, sustainability, and reliability to meet the demands of the ever changing global market.
Edxport is an India-based export company with Global Headquarter in Madhya Pradesh, India and the Marketing Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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"The ACTUAL Reason why Edxport Is A GAME-CHANGER In The International Market.. "

Edxport is based in India, and

  • India’s Agriculture Exports touches a historic high of $50 billion.
  • The agriculture sector, which is the largest employer of workforce within the country, accounted for a sizeable 18.8% (2021- 22) in GVA of the country registering a growth of 3.6% in 2020-21 and 3.9% in 2021-22.
  • The growing demand for Indian products in the global market contributes to building an ecosystem that drives this Fastest Growing Economy.
  • As the world is moving towards automation, new technology is introduced to the existing structure, and production is increased. A subtle shift towards export gives India the advantages of selling products at affordable pricing and generating profits on international deals.
  • India’s overall exports (Merchandise and Services combined) in June 2022 are estimated to be USD 64.91 Bn, exhibiting a positive growth of 22.95 percent over the same period last year.

EDXPORT is a Multinational organization and understands the challenges of doing business around the globe.


Our mission is to BE THE LEADER!

With a clear focus at each business level with heightened sensitivity to customers' needs, setting new standards in the delivery and quality of services through processes of continuous learning and improvement.

The company endeavors to convey quality produce at the best cost. It assists us to gain a broader client base all over the world and therefore now actively engaged as Exporters of fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices in various countries.


The Clear Vision Of Edxport!

We are looking forward to seeing a revolution in the agricultural food market where modern technology and digitalization are making everything simple and accessible to everyone in need while quality is never being compromised in the process and Edxport being the major contributor to that level of success.


OUR GOAL IS Constantly Expanding our Network!

We have a strong presence in Asia as well as the Middle East region. We’re constantly looking for the expansion of our services at new places and building a new network in new places.

The assurance we’ve made to hard work, innovation, fineness, and customer relationships is the support of the business now. Our friendly customer services are always ready to answer your queries at the right time. EDXPORT allows you to place your orders easily online or via phone

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